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How Much Is My House Worth?

Shad Zaman

March 19, 2020

What`s My House Worth In Las Vegas? Your Las Vegas Home Value



To know whats my house is worth in Las Vegas, click below to receive a free market analysis estimating your Las Vegas home’s value, just fill in the form below. I will analyze the data you provide and get back to you with comparable sale information for your neighborhood and a range of approximate values for your home. If you need a more precise valuation estimate, I will arrange to tour the property with you. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.


When you consult with a Las Vegas Realtor, you can request a competitive market analysis for your home. This is a detailed report that is customized specifically based on the features and characteristics of your home. It draws data from comparable properties that have sold very close to your location to arrive at a reasonable asking price for your home.

One of the more common questions that Las Vegas homeowners have relates to their home value. Some homeowners estimate their home’s value based on the assessed tax value. Others may pay attention to how much nearby properties are listed for. Both of these approaches can be misleading.

You can research the average price per square foot in your neighborhood to get a rough estimate of the value, but many specific factors will adjust that price upward or downward. For example, single-story homes usually have a higher price per square foot than multi-story homes. The condition of the home, when it was last updated, its décor, the landscaping, and other factors that make it more marketable can affect its worth as well. 



Las Vegas home values






What’s My House Worth? How to Determine House Value in Las Vegas.



This guide will help you to know the market value of your home. When you first start thinking about moving, the first question you likely type into Google is: “What’s my home worth?” or “What's my Las Vegas home worth?” But before you can seriously start considering where you’ll buy your new home and the kind of house you’ll be able to afford, you need to know what kind of budget you’ll have to work with, and that starts with knowing your Las Vegas home’s value.

But how do you establish a realistic view of what your house is worth? Read on to learn how.



What’s My House Worth?: Factors to Consider



When it comes to Las Vegas home prices & values, there are things you adore about your current home and things you’re not quite happy with, but it’s time to take a step back from your own feelings and look at the house objectively. Consider:


  • Location
  • Local amenities
  • Local schools
  • Close to busy highways (or not)
  • Neighbors
  • Are other houses selling quickly near you? (Local market conditions)
  • Home size and age
  • What’s the square footage?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many baths and half baths?
  • When was it built?
  • The Economy
  • Are people keen to buy?
  • Are banks giving mortgages easily or conservatively?
  • Home Condition
  • Does it need renovation/modernization?
  • Is it more old-fashioned than other homes in the area?
  • Are there any obvious repairs that need doing?
  • Additional Features
  • Great views
  • Swimming pool
  • Acres
  • Outbuildings
  • Garage
  • And more…



whats my house worth?



What’s My Home Worth? Step 1: Write Down the Facts



Go through each point and write down, objectively, the features of your home. Don’t worry too much about local values yet or think too hard on the economy. We’ll investigate each of these in the steps below.



What’s My Home Worth? Step 2: Research the Local Market



Your next step is to do some research on your area, especially if you’re not the kind of person who keeps an eye on it normally. Use online tools to find out what the average house price is in your area, look at other homes that sold quickly, or have been on the market for a while, and see whether your market is selling well or has cooled off.

Be aware that the market will naturally ebb and flow throughout the year, so if you’re researching in December it’s likely that the market will slow until the new year. Zillow has a tool that will help you figure out house values in Las Vegas, as does, and Redfin’s is quite robust.



What’s My House Worth? Step 3: Use Online Valuation Calculators



While an online valuation tool won’t ever be as accurate as a realtor in your area, they will give you a good idea of what your home could be worth. These calculators will ask you for various information about your home and give you an estimate based on what similar homes to yours have sold for in the area.

PennyMac will give you an instant free report based on local Las Vegas real estate market home values, or contact us for a free personalized report from someone who knows your local house values (Las Vegas). If you feel like an online calculator has given you a figure way lower or higher than you expected, don’t worry, it’s likely the real value will fall somewhere in the middle.



What’s My Home Worth? Step 4: Get a CMA



A CMA is a comparative market analysis, which is essentially a report a local realtor can give you about your home. While this is not as accurate as a professional appraisal (more on that in a moment), it will be a good overview of the local market and the price they believe you should, or could, put your home on the market for to get the best price and the most interest.



(We provide this service for Las Vegas – just click here.)



Most realtors have access to the local Las Vegas MLS (multiple listing service), which is a database of properties for sale, or with a sale agreed, in the local area, which means their CMA is fairly accurate. Use our free home evaluation tool above. Just put in your address for a free detailed CMA.



What’s My House Worth? Step 5: Consider Hiring a Professional Appraiser



Las Vegas, NV home values vary by location within the valley. When you apply for a mortgage on a home a professional appraiser must look at the home and tell the bank how much they believe it’s worth to them, and whether or not they will realistically be able to get their money back from the property, should you default on your payments?

You are not required, as the seller, to get an appraisal, but if you want to know exactly what your home is worth, this is the way to know for sure. They are impartial, since they have nothing to gain from the sale of the home, and will look at some of the same elements a home inspection looks at.

Of course, hiring an appraiser isn’t free (average of $250-450), unlike a CMA, since any realtor you ask will hope to be the person you list your home with.
What is the average cost of a house in Las Vegas? Las Vegas, NV housing market homes average around $283,000. The average price per square foot is $157 depending on your location in Clark County Nevada.



What’s My House Worth? Step 6: Find A Las Vegas REALTOR®



When you move forward with your house sale knowing fully about Las Vegas house values, and where your own home will fit into that market, you can do so confidently knowing what offers to entertain and what offers you don’t need to accept. When your ready to move forward with your Las Vegas house sale, contact us for your free report. 



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